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Body Paint Makeup Mups

Body Paints are selectable in costume wardrobe room. The files are either one or sometimes two files. Making your own body paint requires that the image overlay follows the uvmap of just about every costume. A good example to know where to place body paints is to look at the skin textures.

Skin Texture

The left portion is for the chest, belly and legs. And include the front and backside. The right portion of the image doubles the appearance. Both arms share that side. So do the hands and feet. Whatever you put over the hand will show up on both hands.

Skin Head

The head will also double in appearance. To minimize disk space, both sides of the head will share the image. You can not change the way body paints will show up on costumes without changing the uvmap. And then it would not load as a body paint no more. But you could do this for a latex head. With DcModding's .HD import script, you could import a Starmaker head and convert it into a latex head. Then you could take the uvmap of one side of the face a flip it over to the other side of a doubled image. And then whatever effect you want to show up on just one side of the face can be accomplished in that way. But if it is just fur or scales or something that will show up on both sides of the head then just use a body paint.

UVMap Of Head

UVMap Of Body

As mentioned before body paints have two files. One head and one for the body. But not all body paints have a body and will only have the file for the head. Such as the Indian War paint. Yet, if you want to make a body paint for only the belly and not the head, then you still must have a texture file for the head. Otherwise the game won't load it. It would be in that case a blank transparent texture. You could make the blank texture 4x4 pixels to save disk space.

Body paints are located in the data/textures/makeup folder

The heads are titled: mup_mask_v(#).dds

The bodies are titled: mup_body_v(#).dds

The game will look first for the mup_mask and finding one will look for a matching mup_body file. If no mup_body is found then only the head paint will show up on a costume. If you only have a mup_body with no matching head file then the paint won't even show up at all. It always needs a mup_mask to load the rest.

The (#) will be a version number starting at and may go up to I forget how many bodypaints come originally with the game. If you add new bodypaints then you must make the folders in your game's file path. If you have installed a download of bodypaints then installing the mod folders will make the folders for you. The game's meat is packed away in the game's .PAK files. On the other hand the game will look first for the same files in actual folders where your game is installed. You could overwrite a game file by having a file with the same name in the folder it is looking for it in. We don't want to do that. The game will also include additional files we add. So in this way we can effectively make new content for the movies game. And we would make a new body paint by having the right (#) version number to the mup files.

Adding new body paints requires you know what version number to give the name. This goes for installing a body paint you have downloaded. The game will make them available only if the numbers are lined up. You can skip the numbers that are already found in the game, but new body paints must follow those numbers. To find out, (if you have never installed one or made one before), open MED (the Movies Game Editor) and use file extractor. Navigate to the data/textures/makeup folder. And scroll down until you find the files named Look at the number. If the number is at then you must rename the new mup_mask you are installing to And then same for the body. Name it _v15. Ignore the game's files when searching for the appropriate new number because the game can skip those so long as it finds the mup_mask related to it. Just find the mup_mask file and look at it's number.

Once you have renamed the mup files for the new body paint then you can install it.

Stunts & Effects has a new feature for Body Paints. Thumbnails. You can select a body paint by it's thumbnail, but making a thumbnail is a little different. Thumbnails have a different number then the mup files. Found in the data/textures/thumbs/costumeoptions folder. Titled: cos_bodypaint_(#) The (#) is not the same as the number used in the mup files. If the head file is named then the thumbnail will be named I know! It's one number more. WTF? But that's how the game wants them. If you add a thumbnail you would increase the number by one. How I make thumbnails is in the game, load a costume with a lot of skin. Then select the body paint. Next press the [prtsc], (print screen), button on the key board. Paste the image into a paint program. Then I border select around the head and crop it. Resize the thumbnail to 128x128 pixels and save it with the name of the thumb but adding one to the number. And saving it to data/textures/thumbs/costumeoptions.

I uploaded an example of a body paint that is just the body. White Underwear. It still has a file for the head but it is blank. Just transparent. It must have this file for the game to call the body portion.

Latex heads also have the option of a skin texture for the body. And those are also found in the data/textures/makeup folder. And just as body paints are, the skin texture is shared by both sexes, even though the heads that use them are not shared by both sexes.

Body Paints appear as an overlay to the costume. But underneath all the costume color options. The skin of your starmaker (or actors and extras) will also be overlaid over the costume, and in this case will replace the normal skin option. If you make a new costume and want to know how to include the star maker skin option, it is not enough to just click the "has skin" box in MED or in Deadsane's COSED. You must also include costume color options from the data/textures/costume folder. These will be like a skirt color or shoes, or even a t-shirt logo. Without those being added to the costume, the skin option will not work. And neither will body paints. If you use cosed for making new costumes, a good tip: use a .cos file that already comes with the options of hairstyles, and body paints and latex heads. And then change the base mesh to that of your new costume. Of course delete the accessories and color options from the old costume and add your new ones. Then all of the features that usually accompany most of the Movies Game costumes will be added to yours. If you just make a new one from COsEd without using a .cos file (in other words from scratch), none of the regular default options will show up like hair style and fingernails and eyeball colors and latex heads and body paints. You can add these manually but it will be a long process.

Following are some body paints I have made. Again, you must rename them to follow the numbers of the paints already found in your game.

White Underwear Makeup Body Paint Option

White Underwear Makeup For The Movies Game ZIP by SexyMaria on DeviantArt