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I am not Activision or Lionhead. Just me.


When you build your studio lot, you need facilities to run your studio. To hire crew members. To import stars. To write custom scripts. To feed your employees. To export your movie to the hard drive. Facilities make it all happen. The game allows you to make your own as well. You can also add more. I have made a few of these. You can instal them if you like, it really won't change your movie making ability. But it adds more to your game. I will upload them when I get to them.

So experimenting with a new facility I found out how to add Studio Lot build meshes to either a custom set or custom facility. I'm talking about these items that appear when placing a set or facility and then the builders have to hammer it into a new building:


These files are are (.MSH) files that have the same name as either the Sets or the Facilities but have a blp_ in front. In Blender there is another feature to this item:


At the bottom is a single plain that displays a (.DDS) image texture over the studio lot. Basically it's telling you where Set or Facility items will be when you place it. So why not make our own when we make custom sets or facilities? The first reason is because it makes the mod a larger sized object to download? A better question is why bother? Because unless you have "Buildings Built Instantly" turned on, once you place a custom Set or Facility on the studio lot, NOTHING shows up yet. Empty space until builders come along and hammer it into place. For a brief moment a person is scratching their head wondering if something is wrong.

Also why not? You can display anything on that bottom plain. Like: Coming Soon! But mainly to let people know where you new mod will be. I added a sign to my Original Tommy's Food Shack Facility. I could have left it out of the Plain image but since I didn't have to, I didn't. It's the red square on the left of it in the picture above.

The images showing up on this bottom plain are 2D versions of the Set or Facility seen from the top down. You can see them in MED:

Catering MED

There is a whole bunch of these 2D images, one for each Set or Facility. And they all start with bpf_.

To make your own, after the Set or Facility is done in Blender, Position your view above the project looking down at your model. Then either hit the PrintScr key (then paste into paint program), or in Blender, put a camera above it and render a snap shot with either all materials having of 1 setting of emit or add a bunch of lamps. You could also take the snapshot looking at it in MED.

The naming of your new Set or Facility is very important here. Even though the snack van is called Snack Van, it's actual file name is catering1. So its 2D texture plain version is called and the building mesh is called blp_catering.msh. It stays the same name accept for the prefix. If your set model is called set_darkroom.msh, then title the set ini to set_darkroom.ini. Title the thumbnail: Title the 2D texture plain: Title the building mesh object blp_darkroom.msh. Does any of this make since?

You will need an image of your project from the top down. This will be projected onto the bottom plain in Blender. It will be saved in your data/textures folder and might be called: or whatever name you replace darkroom with.

Then you need to make a building object, with all the scaffolding. Either barrow one that resembles your project, or make your own. This would have that 2D plain at the bottom you project your image over. And when finished title this object: blp_darkrood.msh, or whatever name yours is, instead of darkroom.

Also you would have your set as a mesh too. You may have already made it and had titled it set_darkroom.msh or whatever name you chose instead of darkroom.

You make a set or facility available with the (.INI) file and these go into either the Data/Set folder, or the Data/Facility folder. The game handles these two similarly because their creation and use requires the same components. Sets are titled set_darkroom.ini, and facilities are titled facility_darkroom.ini, or whatever name you choose besides darkroom. Fac_ would be simpler, I think there is 5 facilities whose name does start with an abbreviated fac_ but why all the rest are not... Who knows?

Is it clearer?

Facility Folders

Original Tommys Food Shack 4 TheMovies Game by SexyMaria on DeviantArt

Here is the 8EyedBaby Download Link: Download From 8EyedBaby


Apple Tree Catering Facility


The trend today is to eat healthy. And you don't want your actors pigging out on junk food. So here is the healthy alternative to the studio's food options. An Apple Tree Facility. And you can place as many across the studio as you want. Under the tree you may also notice a new comer to the studio lot.


All Stunt Facilities In Any Decade

Now you can hire stuntmen and women at any decade, and build the facilities at any decade. As in when you first start the game. Your stuntmen can be top notch in 1920.

Includes the Stunt School, Hospital, Spartan, Burn Room, Dojo Room. You can even build several of them at once.

Ini files

Better Facility Performance Download

These are .Ini files for all facilities giving you lots of employees

From experience, you must destroy the facility you all ready have

in your game save and rebuild a new one for the lots of employees to show up.

Why? Don't know but I believe the game knows the settings of each actor or building

upon it's first creation and arrival

rather then a renewed reference to the Ini files each time it loads.

Another detail, Sometimes I went off the map and waited several "ticks" and then returned to the facility and people began to show up. So it may be a given time spent after rebuilding the facility. Ticks are the game's internal clock. Billboards change after a certain number of "ticks" have passed.



New Facility Dojo Black For The Movies Game by TheMoviesGame on DeviantArt

New Dojo Fight Room

And a weapons rack prop. Also improved the texture for the weapons and added proper lightmaps to the Dojo.

A Stunts and Effects Mod. This one acts like the original, but the Sensei is Raiden from Mortal Kombat. And this one you can build and use in 1920. No waiting for stunt achievements. Also comes with a costume category, Dojo with Raiden as a costume, as well as the Sensei from the game. You can have this one and the original on the set at the same time and use both of them at the same time. Also comes with a new costume wardrobe room animation.