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The Movies Game Blender Workbench


For Blender and The Movies Game

The Movies Demo & Starmaker App

By Lionhead Studios Ltd.

I am not Activision or Lionhead Studios.
FilePlanet has download links for the two Demos.
If you are curious about The Movies and would like to give it a try.
Download The Movies Game Demo
Download Starmaker Tool Kit

My Google Drive:
Donwload Donwload

Drive.Google:TheMovies Demo Download
Drive.Google:Download Stand Alone StarMaker App

(BlenderIcon)"Blender3D ver 2.49b

Download Blender 2.49b

The ultimate modding tool for The Movies Game. The Python Import/Export scripts allow you to import The Movies Game 3D models. They also allow you to export custom models you have made into The Movies Game. But they do not work with the later versions of Blender. Ver 2.49b is the best version to use The Movies 2009 (.MSH) Import Export Scripts by The site has closed. But the scripts are still available.

How To Set Up Blender's User Preferences A tutorial for getting Blender ready to create and edit game models... for The Movies Game, and other games as well. These are suggested settings.


DownloadDownload Python 2.6 for Windows

After you install Blender (2.49b), you will also have to install python 2.6. But there is a trick. You can copy the files of python 2.6 and paste them right inside Blender's installation location. "Hotfixing" Python right into Blender. In this way you could also have a somewhat portable version of Blnder3D. (Although files and registry stuff will still be created on every machine)

Blender comes with a small library of python, and this will extend it to a full python. Which some of the Import/Export scripts will need in order to work.

You can HotFix Python into your Blender without having to install Python. Just download my Python files and put them into your Blender. (Uploaded to my Google cloud) Instructions are included.
Download Download Python 2.6 HotFix for Blender 2.49b

The Movies 2009 (.MSH) Import/Export Scripts

Originally hosted by, which has closed unfortunately.

Authors = Glen Rickey, Nick Hudson, Mark S Andrews

Allows you to import TheMovies 3D models (which have the tag .MSH) into Blender. Also allows you to export 3D models back into TheMovies Game, (generate 3D model files with the tag .MSH at the end). An absolute must have for Movies Game Modders!

The Movies 2009 (.MSH) Import/Export Scripts

Head over to the Tutorials page to learn how to use them.

Great News!!! Lefty2016 From DeviantArt has released TheMovies Animation Import/Export Python Script

The ability to import Animations into Blender puts Movie Making with Movies content into orbit. This is really the biggest news since the release of MED. We can not over emphasis the importance of this. Find out more at his
DeviantArt Journal Page:
The Rosetta Stone by lefty2016:

You can download the scripts from his page here: Lefty's Site

Also there are updated tutorials in my Animations Page describing how to use Lefty's Python Scripts. Tutorials

(.HD) Starmaker Head Import Scripts

3 (.hd) Starmaker Head Import Scripts For Blender

  • The Python Script Released By Dcmodding / Gleem
  • Modified Version Of the Script
  • Import Script For Auto-Animated Props

Dcmodding has closed. The original script imports Starmaker heads into Blender3D. Head object, eyes, mouth and eyelashes. The weights and materials were appended from a .blend file containing a head found in The Movies Game files. The generic_facial.msh head. This head is perhaps the only one available for Starmaker heads. It came with a face rig, and had the same number of verts that .hd (Starmaker heads) use. Using the script, after importing a head into Blender, you will have to rename the armature (seen in outliner window) from "1094395392", the name of the face rig, to "507812352", the name of costume and latex head rig.

A friend pointed out a problem, however, using this script. The eyelids click badly during animation. And also more then 10 verts are assigned to the Neckconnect group. What you will have to do is make sure only the bottom open end of the neck (where it connects to the costume) are the only verts assigned the Neckconnect group. And counter the weight of the eyelids. Lessen their strength or add the head group to them, or a little of both.

These steps began to become tedious. So I asked why not have the script do this for you? The Modified (.hd) is the result. I made a new .blend file and fixed these problems. And also already changed the name of the armature to that a latex head or costume uses. Also deleted the materials.

I made one more modified script: modified (.hd) 4AA This one imports Starmaker heads ready to be used as an auto-animated prop. AA props that are human costumes can not have face weights. Emoting animations happen at a separate pass in the game and aa props will never receive that pass. Faces end up warping badly. This script removes the face weights and assigns the weightless verts to the head group. Also removed the face rig and replaced it with the costume armature. And no materials. Neck connect is normal.

There is no support for these scripts. Especially my versions. They will only work with Blender 2.49. Not Blender 2.5 and greater. To install them they must go into the ".blend/scripts/ folder that Blender generates while installing. When you install Blender3D, it will ask where to install this folder. I always pick the same location that Blender is installing the Blender program. By default, Blender will probably choose the hidden "username/appdata" folder. Google "Blender hidden appdata" if you need to find out more. Download The Starmaker Head Import Scripts


MED: TheMovies™ Game Editor


With MED anything is possible. It makes new Costumes sets and props. It injects your Blender stuff into TheMovies™ game. It extracts all the hidden files. All the 3D models. All the Animation files. All the (.INI). And you can also extract the (.DDS) image texture files. Want to see what makes up a Mod? Use med to extract a game item and become familiar with how TheMovies™ uses content to make it all possible.

MED will usually extract to a workspace folder where you can get at items. I believe there is a setting for a default one. The popup action window has several functions to get familiar with. Especially the MESH extractor and the file extractor.
Download it from my Google Drive: Download


Scene Reblocker by DcModding

(Scene Reblocker)

Scene Reblocker makes new scenes.
Is a great tool for making quick adjustments.
Like where a scene happens on a set.
Or the height of all the Cameras.
Of even flip a scene on an axis.
It is easy to use.
First must use MED to extract a scene file (.FLM) you wish to edit.
Once you save the new scene with a custom name,
you will also need a (.INI) file to make it available.
Read this tutorial if you need one: Tutorial



Excellent program for making new scenes. But it is a little techy. Scene files (.FLM) have very many components that this program can edit. Some of which is still not fully understood. That being said a great deal has been uncovered. DcModding's FLMReaderZero is definitely the best tool for making new scenes. However you must get used to the interface. You can read this Tutorial to find out more.
As before (if you read scene reblocker upstairs) you will have to extract an (.FLM) file to edit with the program. Once you have made the new scene with it's own name, you have to make it available to the game with it's own (.INI) file. Practice makes perfect.
Download FLM Reader Zero from my Google Drive.


Animation Changer

(Animation Changer)

Also makes new scenes. Must extract an existing scene file. Then edit it with Animation Changer. Save it as a new scene with its own unique name. After which make the new scene available to the game with its own (.INI) file. You might want to read a tutorial: NO Tutorial YET.
But it is easy enough. Go read the tutorial for Scene Reblocker or FLM Reader Zero to find out how to make new scenes available to TheMovies™ game. Download Animation Changer from my Google Drive.




(.DDS) Thumbnail View: Download


(Paint Dot Net)

Edit the Image Texture files of TheMovies game. My preferred program. Also it is free.

Requires the DotNet Frame Work. The installer will check your computer for it and download it for you if you require it.

Donate to Paint.Net

Deadsane's CosEd

(Deadsane's CosEd)

This program is a must for making new costumes.
While MED has a superior feature; able to see the texture overlays in a 3D window...
MED has a bug where some of the time it generates corrupt (.COS) files.
Deadsane's CosEd never does. And faster.
MED has a long wait to fireup, CosEd is instant startup.
Go read this tutorial if you need to: Tutorial.
You can download this from my Google Drive: Downlaod From Google Drive


Reacher's MeshManipulator (MeshManip)

(.MSH) files are the 3D models of the Movies.
Before we had DCModding's Blender Python Script,
we had MeshManip.


3D Models for games have a common structure.

The structure of the model is a list of coordinates
of where the shapes are in 3D space.
Also another list is the UVMAP, which rest atop an IMAGE file.
The image file is shown over the 3D model via the UVMAP.
An Image texture file follows most 3D Models.
In the Movies this is a .DDS file.
Sets have lots of image files because a set has many shapes.
These image files are connected in the model with a material.

Most everything you see in the Movies is a 3D object.
Sets, props, costumes, facilities. Even the sky.
These all can be edited with Meshmanip.

Meshmanip can also edit our custom (.MSH) models.


MeshManip has a huge benefit over TheMovies with it's flag list.
Where 3D models for any given game gets unique is when it comes o details like the flags.
The Movies has many flags embedded in the 3D Models.
Like alpha, scrolling texture speed, is auto-animated.
Too many to list here.

Blender Movies 2009 import/export script also has a flag list.
But MeshManip's is far more complete.


To get MeshManip working is both simple and tricky.
After downloading the zip, just extract the contents and there you go.
Not so fast. It is compiled with DotNet 3.5 and XNA 3.

Without the two languages you will get an error:

XNA ERROR, Needs XNA Installation

You must install both of those for it to work.
You can download these installer from my Google Drive:
XNA Installer
DotNet 3.5

But wait, there's more!

If you have 64bit Machine you may still get an error.
This one was a tad difficult to track down.
The errors are not very informative to non-techies.

But I think I have found the solution.
MeshManip was compiled with 32bit version of DotNet.
Not all is lost. We have to use CMD.exe to tell our computer
to run the Wow folder version of DotNet Framework.
Meaning the 32bit version of DotNet.
And we can always turn it back to the 64 bit
with another command if we need to.

First go to your computer's search bar and type cmd.exe.
The black box icon of the program should pop up.
Run it, (possibly with administrator privileges.)
Follow the instructions I found:


Here is what looks to be a nice solution
if you are looking to avoid recompilation.
Note it does require a change to each target machine.

If you have a 64 bit machine and want to
run a .NET application that only works with
the 32 bit CLR you would have to make changes
to the .NET framework on your machine.

Set the .NET framework to load the 
CLR in WOW mode through this command...

Open up command prompt and type this command:

C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\Ldr64.exe SetWow

Now you should be able to run apps that use only the .NET 32 bit CLR.

To revert back to the default 64 bit framework run:

C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\Ldr64.exe Set64


Download Reacher's MeshManip


Quick Tip: Turning On Auto-Animated Flag in Blender

(Image Blender Tut Tip)

Casting Couch

(Casting Couch)

Max out the stats of your stars (Starmakers).
I thought you could download this app from 8EyedBaby.
But I guess not. So I uploaded to Google Drive:
Download CastingCouch.exe


Blender 2.49b

(Blender 2.49b)

The essential Program for Making 3D models for TheMovies
This version of Blender is far different from post 2.5 versions
I believe mainly because of the python overhaul
Blender was redesigned.
The 2009 TheMovies Import/Export Python Scripts will not work with any
other version the Blender 2.49b.
While one half of the developers were busy with the 2.5 project,
the other half happily continued working on directly usable
and useful features in Blender. Especially advances in the
Game Engine justifies having a well tested, bug fixed and stable 2.49b release.
Here is a tutorial for getting started with Blender 2.49b: Read This Tutorial
Download Blender 2.49b


And Also:

Until I get fancier here are the rest of the links...

Download WinRAR


Extracts the contents of a compressed file. Extracts (.Zip), (.Rar), (.Iso), (.Cbr) and lots of more.

Download WinRar, to unzip files.

Windows Movie Maker 2.6 Vista Version

Pic: WMM2.6

The WMM update for windows 7 sucks. Although it has a 3D engine under its hood (still undeveloped). The many custom effects and transitions do not work with it. Its cumbersome. I think they are moving backward with this version. Well, good news is Vista's version works on xp and windows 7, and is portable if you extract the files to a flash drive. Microsoft produced WMM. Not me.

Download WMM2.6 Installer

Get More Effects And Transitions

Movie Maker Windows Essentials 2012 Microsoft Offline Installer

Microsoft announced it has stopped supporting Movie Maker and Photo Gallery (part of Windows Essentials 2012) as of January 10, 2017.

Microsoft Statement

You might want to do a search of somebody's Google Drive for it.

YouTube Guy