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New Scenes For The Movies Game

Cow Costumes & Scenes

3 Cow Scenes & Costumes

3 Scenes used with these costumes only. They only work with cows. And the cow costumes only work with these scenes. I will upload more here in a list below when I get around to making more. So be sure to install these first before ones that may follow in the future.

Here I will also post a link to a tutorial how to add your own cow mods to these scenes and futures scenes. And also more cow mod costumes you can add to the list.

Download Watch The Demo

HeliCopter Swat Scene


This scene is two scenes. Created following Rysto's tutorial on how to do just this. It combines the helicopter repel down a rope scene, with the swat van deploy the police scene.


Animal Scenes

Cow Walking Scene Rat Running Scene

This scene unlocks some props and animations that never were released in the game.

Uploaded to Game Front.

It has been updated from yesterday's upload. The cow scene camera's have been changed. And has a thumb. Some animations have changed as well.

A rat running scene in hotel bedroom set

A cow walking scene

A talking to the cow scene

And 2 bird scenes

It also comes with several new actor props for these scenes. Stuff originally in the game but never released (Easter eggs). Also a couple new ones.

Updated Link:12-23-2013

Mirror Download:FileFront