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Sets are placed on the studio lot then used to film movies on. Sets require three folders: Meshes, Sets and Textures. That is the minimum for a set to function. But they can have more files and functionality then that. Any set can be placed on the studio lot. But if it does not have the EXTRAINFO file to go with it it won't be removed from or moved on the studio lot. If you download a set from somewhere and can not remove it, just copy a .inf file from the datas/meshes/extrainfo and rename the copy to the set you want removed. Then open your game and you can then put a builder on the icon for moving or destroying. Be sure that the extrainfo file you use has a set_(Name of any set).inf because it has to be one for a set. Most if not all of mine have them. In my early days of modding I may have left one out. But I try not to upload those any more.

Let's say you have a new set downloaded from somewhere and it did not come with that EXTRAINFO file. What you can do is just make one for it. As mentioned above you would copy one from an existing set and rename the copy to the same name of your new set. So if the new set is called "set_storehouse", go into it's data/meshes folder and see if there is a subfolder there. If it was it would be called "extrainfo". This is good if it has one. If it doesn't then you will have to make one. Right click and select add folder. Title it "extrainfo" with no quotes. Now we need to find out what set of scenes it uses. If this storehouse set uses the cellar scenes, then use MED to extract the extrainfo file of the cellar set. Then rename that file to set_storehouse.inf and place it in the data/meshes/extrainfo folder. Now the set will function as it should. Mostly.

Sometimes a set doesn't have Lightmaps. Lightmaps are image files found in the data/textures/lightmap folder. They are responsible for the lighting effect on a set. Day, night, or the reddish one. The solution requires the use of MED. If the set used to be a Movies game set, but now has new textures, then you would copy all of the lightmap image files from the old set, rename them to match the name of the new set, and then use MED to change out the texture lightmap image with the new one. The name of the image has the number zero in it and starts with LM_. You can visit my 2 lightmap tutorials to find out more.

Tutorial Baking LightsMaps

Tutorial LightsMaps

Some sets have unique features to them. For instance a city street set has a skybox mesh file in use. A skybox is the atmosphere of a game, or in this case the atmosphere of a set. In Scarface, The World Is Yours, the sky box is very complex. If appears to follow the player where ever he goes. It consist of many many layers. One layer is a copy of the world map, used in shadow effects. While another layer is for the sun moving across the sky. One for the moon. One for clouds, One for weather. But in the movies game most sky boxes just have one layer at the most. The studio lot has a single layer skybox. But the mini cities have a skybox with 3 or 4 layers. Those layers are for buildings that appear in rows. When a set has a skybox, it shows up in a separate mesh file. So the data/meshes folder will have two files. One for the set and one for the skybox. And the file that calls the skybox into the game is a .inf file which has the same name as the set mesh file. In the data/meshes folder is another subfolder called EXTRAINFO. That is where the game looks for the .inf files. If your new set is to have a skybox, you do not need another skybox mesh file. Just use the extrainfo file of the set you are copying scenes from and rename that file to that of the new set. And this file will barrow from the skybox of the set you are mirroring scenes on.

For instance, if you make a new city street set called set_myset.msh, if you want the skybox from the original, just copy the set_citystreet.inf and rename it to set_myset.inf. If you load a city street set into Blender you may notice that the mesh file already has it's own backdrop object. The game doesn't use it except on the studio lot. Also the custom script writing house needs to know that backdrop selection is possible. It looks to the mesh file for any objects with a backdrop texture assigned to it. Once it sees it, instead it will apply the backdrop texture to the skybox and not the backdrop object you saw in Blender. It does so by the code in the extrainfo file.

One of my popular sets, the Night Time Mini City, uses a skybox. Mini city sets do not have a selection for the backdrop. It can if it does not include the extrainfo, but mine did. I forgot to add the textures to the skybox in the upload and so the skybox showed up white. Echo519 from DeviantArt let me know this. Thank you. So I fixed it and uploaded the fixed version. Sorry about that. The reason I forgot is that MED (The Movies Game Editor) does not support extrainfo files. When you save a set to the workspace it will not export the extrainfo file or a skybox that the set comes with. When this happens I usually add the files manually. But I forgot the textures. MED should have a flag that ask if you need to have an extrainfo file committed or exported.

Another optional file to add to your sets (and MED won't ask for this one either) is a camera file. The camera file is only for the studio lot. If you double click a set on the studio lot, you will have a camera flyby of the set, exploring it's features. If the custom set does not have this camera file then the game will just pause. If you want a camera file, just copy one and rename it to that of the set mesh file.

Sets also use lightmaps. Another nice addition to MED would have been lightmap support. So if you changed some textures on a set and renamed the mesh, MED could ask if you want to barrow all of the lightmaps from the original set. Then it could copy and rename them for you. If you want lightmaps from an existing set then you will have to manually do this. Of course MED will export one lightmap file if it finds it in the mesh file. But only one. Some sets don't have them. Well the bluescreen doesn't. I made a blusescreen set that does and removed all the studio lot items such as the trestles and boxes and crates. It was only a blue screen floor and backdrop. I left the backdrop out of the lightmap because there are already night time backdrops and why the backdrop was ever added to any light maps is a head scratcher. Yet this set did not allow the camera to travel as far as the original did because I removed the land objects. I will upload my remake soon which fixes this. Plus some more floor textures.

I am presently making a pack for the bluescreen set. Most set's walls as a backdrops, and most set's floors as a blue screen floor. Stay tuned for that one.

Before DcModding closed, they were working on adding .INF support for the Blender Scripts. Would have been great. With such a tool, one could add armatures to new sets. So if you had a War Base Set you could add a guard on a watch tower. Then add an animation of waiting while standing guard. Or for a castle wall set, a guard could walk up and down it's length. Or waving flagpoles for sets. Also sets have sound calls. Or facilities have sound calls. DcModding has closed so this probably won't happen.

If you want to edit the Extrainfo file, you can use DcModding's Hex Editing scripts for 101 Hex Editor. You can make changes to them there. It's Hex editing but his script allows for renaming the details. An invaluable tool.

I figured out the build objects that appear when building a Facility or a Set. For a custom set or facility usually what happens is nothing appears for the builders to hammer. They hammer thin air anyways until the custom set or custom facility appears. But for somebody who does know any better, they could scratch their heads wondering what went wrong. Nothing, just wait a minute or so and the builders will still build it for you. Unless of course you have "Buildings Build Instantly" turned on in sandbox mode. Then you won't notice this at all. But there is another part to the build mesh, the 2D version of the set or facility you can see before you affirm where it needs to be built. This shows you the general layout of the set or facility in relation to the stuff around it. You can make your own version of his 2D image, as well as the build scaffold mesh that shows up for a builder to hammer into a set or a facility. Go to my Facilities Page to see how.


Here you may download sets for the Movies Game. Most or all have extrainfo files. Some or most have camera files. And most have lightmaps. If you find a problem with one of my sets, you can let me know at my DeviantArt account. DeviantArt

All Movie Game Stunts And Effects Camera Files.

Because download version of expansion pack can't be extracted using MED. I needed them. Maybe you can to. They allow a flyby presentation of a set. Copy one matching the layout of your set and rename the copy to the same name of your set.

Download All Camera Files

Castle Rooftop Set by TheMoviesGame on DeviantArt

Set White House Press Room 4TheMovies Mod by TheMoviesGame on DeviantArt

Medieval Library Set 4 TheMovies by TheMoviesGame on DeviantArt

White Sand Beach Set for TheMovies by TheMoviesGame on DeviantArt

Saloon Bedroom for Hotel Scenes 4MoviesGame by TheMoviesGame on DeviantArt

Sci-Fi Barracks Thumbnail

Sci-Fi Barracks

With 16 new scenes. Sliding Door. Lightmaps. Camera file. Extrainfo file.

Download Video Demo

2 SciFi Jail Sets For The Movies Game by TheMoviesGame on DeviantArt



Dungeon Corridor Set For The Movies Game by TheMoviesGame on DeviantArt

Castle Stuff For The Movies Game by TheMoviesGame on DeviantArt


Rural Western Saloon

Lightmaps, Camera File, ExtraInfo File (Movable & Removable From Studio Lot)


Scarface Mods 4 TheMovies Game by TheMoviesGame on DeviantArt



Victorian Living Room Set

Has Lightmaps, Extrainfo File, Camera File, Doors Work, Fog.

Also comes with 2 scenes. I might make more in the future.



New City Street Set. Lightmaps, Extrainfo file (can be moved or removed), fog, camera file. Keep the three custom textures and the lightmaps. No in game textures. Install instructions.


(Mini City At Night Pic)

Mini-City At Night & Mini Car Head Lights

FIXED: The backdrop now has textures. It used to show up white, now has night time city in background.

A new mini city, comes with it's own sky box. And a mini car with head lights and tail lights and is dark and goes with the mini city at night time.

Download Video Demo

War Base Set


A set that shows the exterior of the war barracks set. I also have a barracks wall complete prop. but it ran off somewhere and I got to go find it. This set has lightmaps. It can be moved or removed from a studio lot. I forgot about this project awhile ago. And it was just doing nothing. I'm not even sure if it is complete or not. Oh, I think it uses the city street scenes because it takes advantage of the skybox being used in it. I think. Anyways the set works well enough. Uploaded mar 2012:Text Download

Download Click to Watch Video Demo

Desert Ranch Sets

Desert Ranch Sets

Two sets. One exterior and one interior. Lightmaps. Camera files. Inf file. Movable or destroyable on the studio lot.

UPDATE: Version 2. The Interior set no longer has grass outside, but sand instead. The rugs were changed to western rugs.

Download Click to Watch Video Demo

Log Cabin Sets

Log Cabin Sets

Two sets. One exterior and one interior. Lightmaps. Camera files. Inf file. Movable or removable on the studio lot.


Cargo Ship As Set


It was the scene usable prop, the Cargo Ship, in the greens screen set. But now it is it's own set using the city street scenes. Also comes with its own sky box.

Mirror Host:Mirror: DataFileHost

Download Icon Video Demo

Evil Warship Bridge


A new bridge. Maybe for lizard aliens. Fog. Lightmaps. Builder Accessible. Sidewalk. Doors Works. Camera File.

Mirror Download:Mirror Download

Download Icon Video Demo

New Saloon Set


It's a saloon. A different color. Because the old west had more then one. Will upload somewhere soon.

Download Icon Watch The Demo

Worm Hole Sets

Mirror Download:FileFront

Link Updated : 3-18-13

Worm Hole Set

They use the green screen scenes. Also comes with lots of alien planet props, several new Pax, scrolling backdrops for the green screen. A moon pax scrolling backdrop. And several wormhole props previously uploaded.

Great for all scifi space movies!

Download Icon Click to Watch Video Demo

Opera Theater Stage

Opera Theater Stage

Opera Theater Stage.

Lightmaps. Collapsible on the set. And comes with a loading screen. Pavement connect. Has a spot light. Uses stage scenes.

Mirror Download:FileFront

Download Icon

6 New Alien Sets


6 Alien Sets

6 New alien sets. Lightmaps. Camera file. Collapsible on the set. And comes with a loading screen.

Mirror Download:Mirror: DataFileHost

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