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The Soundtrack Of The Movies Game

If you deleted the audio folder, there would be no music. Maybe the game will play faster. Right now the computer I use is lightning fast. I will miss it once my old one is out of the shop. It takes less then a minute to load the game and then load my save game (the 3 green bars). Its great for modding since the only way to test the mod was to wait for the game to load. Anyways, I couldn't tell you if not having music would make the game run faster or not. But, if you happen upon the full game with stunts and effects that doesn't have the music, just copy it from an older install and paste it in the folders where it normally goes. And the music will work good as new.

Within The Movies Game music folder is another folder for cues. These cue files accompany the .ogg music files. And they tell the game when a song is to play. If it is blank, not blank but missing the d.j. stats, then the song isn't meant to play during the game. Add the stats and the song will be played.

Within the .msh file is an anchor which tells the game what sound is to play while characters walk on it. I do not know if you change this whether the new set would need the extrainfo file to accompany it or simply use the one the set is mirroring. Is the mesh file alone sufficient to produce the desired sound effect in the game or does the game also look to the extrainfo file? Which is the case for some scene usable props. I will test this and report back when I can.

Well, thats it for now, until later when I delve further. Following are some downloads and hints as to modding the sounds of The Movies Game.

I had made a music pack, all Movies Game music in mp3 format, so you could add them in Windows Movies Maker, but maybe file sharing services don't understand this and so maybe that caused my account to have an issue. Anyways, I got rid of it.

Visit Audacity Web Site and download a great program which allows you to import .LUG files. Which are the sound files used in the movies game. I believe its a compression format, but don't quote me on that. Use import raw data. Also we can import and export .OGG files too.

The game has .LUG files which contain a lot of sounds. Ambient sounds and Radio DJ sounds, set sounds. Audacity can import these and you can them dissect them. But they are big files. You will have to figure out their compression number. You'll see a number to enter and if it is wrong then it won't sound right. I forget what the number is but experiment and you'll soon have it. Then cut out the portions you do not want and then export it.

You can also record your dialog in the program and be sure that any sound or song you want to inject into the game is in .OGG format. Where you place the sounds is in the documents folder on your computer. In the sub-folders are 'Movie Music' and 'Radio Music', and 'Movie Sounds'. Radio music are songs you want to hear while being on the studio lot. A little tip is to make your own subfolder within the the Movie Music and Movie Sounds. This way, they will be more organized. In Custom Script house you can pop in and out of these sub-folders you make while selecting a song or a sound.

You can download sound effects and convert them to .OGG format, and then place them into the Movie sounds folder.


DOWNLOAD Ambient Set Sounds

Sometimes we want to use another set for the next scene. Yet the sounds of the field or the beach stop playing in the background using the bluescreen or stage set. With these ambient background sounds we can carryover the atmosphere to any set. Included:

  • Alien
  • Battlefield
  • Beach
  • Sci-FI Corridors
  • Forest
  • Graveyard
  • Jungle
  • StarBridge 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Subway
  • Desert