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The Soundtrack Of The Movies Game

All kinds of sound runs in TheMovies. There is the Radio always playing in the background. The Lady who nags us to death about when to archive a movie. The sounds actors make doing just about anything, walking, eating, admiring, pooping, throwing trash on the ground. There's also the studio lot background ambiance. The helicopter that every once in a while flies by. The city traffic. Set and Facilities being hammered and built. DJs also at the radio station. The songs we here. A director's voice. Set and Facilities having there own sound when you hover near them. And that's just on the Studio Lot.

In Movie Making, sets have their own background atmosphere sound. Special effects make sounds. Actors mumble unintelligibly. Cars make sounds. Dogs bark. Horses hooves. Doors bang. Showers, well, make water falling sound. But something interesting happens on sets. Each set makes a different sound when being walked on. I believe there is only 4 or 5 different sounds. And these sounds play because of an object found in the set's 3D object called "rooms". The extrainfo file also reveals the same room name so changing these in a HEX editor could change which sound plays. If, for instance, you turned the SciFi corridore into a scary tropical cave, sand sounds insteal of walking on metal.

Adding (.LUG) Sound Files to your Custom Sets

(.LUG) files provide background ambiance and background noise, sound effects, the atmosphere of a set or a facility. They are found in your Movies Data\Audio\Atmosphere folder. Each one has the same name as the set or facility to which it belongs. Logic says that all we need do to get sound on a CUSTOM set is to make a copy of an existing (.LUG) file and rename the copy to that of our new set.... WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

That doesn't work. But why? WTH!

The first place to look is in the extrainfo file, Data/Meshes/Extrainfo. These files are sister files to many of TheMovies 3D objects. They provide switches and calls for the game to use, and some of them is the sound feet make when walking on a set. Somebody walking in a corridor set will make metal foot step sounds. Someone on the beach will make feet of sand sounds. And where else would the game have a chance to know what sound to play during the scenes? Hopefully it would be in the (.INF) file.

For the tropical beach set, this file is called 'set_beach.inf'. And it is called that to mirror the name of the 3D model found in it's parent folder (data/meshes) that ends with a (.MSH... set_beach.msh).

If this file is missing from a custom set (and many people can download custom sets from 8eyedbaby and find that they do not), then people will not make any sound while walking. They also can not move or remove a set from the studio lot after it has been built. To solve this, just copy any (.INF) file from any set, say the stage, and rename it to the custom set, place it in the data/meshes/extrainfo folder, fire up the game and put a builder on the custom set that is no longer needed and watch it get blown away.

Yes, this file is important. So I opened it with a HEX editor but did not find any (.LUG) reference. It would have to be (.LUG) because the lug has the same name as the set. If the sound file was more general, like ALLSETS then yes more detailed search would be required. But each set has it's own (.LUG) file so this file has to be called somehow. You would think that just having the same name as the set would be all that is required. But not to be.

While I had the HEX editor open, I peeked into the (.MSH) file. I did see the "Room" objects. These are where actors place there feet and because of the sister (.INF) file begin to make noise. But so what? It still has nothing to do with (.LUG) files. If I wanted to I could have changed the name from wood to sand, and also do the same in the (.INF) file so that people walking inside the living room set would suddenly be making sand sounds as they walked. Some other time. We are searching for ANY lug reference.

My last recourse is to look inside the set_beach.lug file itself. I didn't expect much but what the hey. Of course these HEX editors have a search function. But they are completely useless to me. Two different programs with useless search functions. They are only searching for hexadecimals? Horse hockey!

No matter, I have a secret weapon. Notepad. Yes NotePad isn't the program to view or edit MOST files. But when it sees a file name, it list it as the name appears in windows folders. And has a more functional search feature. And Presto!


What is this? A file name!!! Bingo! It could be for something else. Perhaps. Let's test it!

    First extract with MED (MoviesEditor) these files:
  • set_beach.ini (data/set folder)
  • set_beach.msh (data/mesh folder)
  • set_beach.inf (data/meshes/extrainfo folder)
      Rename those:
    • set_beac9.ini
    • set_beac9.msh
    • set_beac9.inf

    Open set_beac9.ini with notepad and change this to say the new mesh name:

    Change Set Name></p>

<p>Save it. Now we want to have this (.LUG) sound appear with this new throw away test set called beac9. I believe that all of the audio portion of the game is not packed away inside the (.PAK) files. Go to the ...Lionhead Studios Ltd\The Movies\Data\Audio\Atmosphere folder and make a copy of the set_beach.lug file, rename this copy to set_beac9.lug.</p>

<p><img src=

    Lastly I used a HEX editor to make an adjustment to this new set_beac9.lug file. I opened it with a typical HEX editor and went down to the very bottom until I found the only line with the word SET_ in it. SET_BEACH_0. Changed it to know my new set's name which made it now say set_beac9_0. Saved it. Always remembering to never save over the original content but to always save with a new name. You only have one set_beach.lug file since they are not packed inside the (.PAK) files.

    All done. New set, new INI telling the game there is a new set. Extrainfo file. New LUG file, all with the same custom name set_beac9. Let's test it.

    Holy Toledo! That worked. You can see that in scene two, which was without the new sound, the feet still made sand walking sounds due to the extrainfo file being there.


    Audacity is FREE, and can convert audio files into the (.OGG) format which TheMovies requires. It also has the capacity to import LUG files with the RAW option. Visit their website and download the program.

    TheMovies game has several .LUG files which contain lots of sounds. Ambient sounds and Radio DJ sounds, set sounds. Audacity can import these and you can them dissect them. But they are big files. You will have to figure out their compression number. You'll see a number to enter and if it is wrong then it won't sound right. I forget what the number is but experiment and you'll soon have it. Then cut out the portions you do not want and then export it.

    You can also record your dialog in the program and be sure that any sound or song you want to inject into the game is in .OGG format. Where you place the sounds is in the documents folder on your computer. In the sub-folders are 'Movie Music' and 'Radio Music', and 'Movie Sounds'. Radio music are songs you want to hear while being on the studio lot. A little tip is to make your own subfolder within the the Movie Music and Movie Sounds. This way, they will be more organized. In Custom Script house you can pop in and out of these sub-folders you make while selecting a song or a sound.

    You can download sound effects and convert them to .OGG format, and then place them into the Movie sounds folder.


DOWNLOAD Ambient Set Sounds

Sometimes we want to use another set for the next scene. Yet the sounds of the field or the beach stop playing in the background using the bluescreen or stage set. With these ambient background sounds we can carryover the atmosphere to any set. Included:

  • Alien
  • Battlefield
  • Beach
  • Sci-FI Corridors
  • Forest
  • Graveyard
  • Jungle
  • StarBridge 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Subway
  • Desert