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    To summarize:

  • Add a new material. F5 and select "Add New"
  • Go to the (Hotkey F6) Texture Buttons Window. There will be two panels, Preview and Texture
  • In Texture panel click the "Add New" button above the stack of empty name boxes
  • Click the new field called "TE:Tex"
  • Rename TEX to Diffuse
  • At the right of this is a button saying "None". Click and select "Image"
  • At far right is where you load that image. (Maybe already in use in the UVMap window)

You can also click on the next 3 boxes in the name stack, and under Diffuse, make "Reflection", "Lightmap", "Specular". If any of those 3 have images, then also give those an image assignment (make "none" say "image"), and load which one at far right. Many materials will only need an image for Diffuse, and not for reflection, lightmap or specular. Which would means you leave the None button remain without changing to image.

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