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Tutorial: Tweaking Your Movies Game Costume Categories


Because we can add more costumes to our game.

What you will need:

MED, The Movies Game Editor, available at

Notepad, usually installed with Windows. (Start Menu, Search: Notepad)

A file (which we will extract with MED) called 'category.ini'

This Tutorial Assumes:

  • You have the Movies installed on your computer.
  • And have MED (The Movies Editor) installed.

It will tell you how to extract the category.ini file and edit it to allow a new costume category. It will tell you how to make your own costume category in the form of another .INI file. How to add new costumes to this category. And how to put these files where they should be in The Movies game folders.

There are lots of costumes available to download for the Movies Game. Many of them you can get at And many of them come with a file that will inject them into the game. These files contain a list of each costume found within that category. Sci-Fi or Western or Formal and Casual. Installing these can cause some trouble if you have already installed this same file with another costume download. The game can only have one instance of a category file. Found in the Data/Costumes folder. Installing another one that overwrites the former will indeed inject a new costume into that category, but it will also now exclude the previous download. Fortunately there is a simple way to have all downloaded costumes without loosing any other.

Option one is to always keep the same category file in your game folders. This means you never use the category file that comes with each new download you want to install. Instead open the one you already have and enter the name of the new costume at the bottom of the list. These names always start with a f_ or a m_ in front of the name telling the game if this is a female or male costume. Once you enter the new costume at the bottom of the list, (and making sure that each name has a single TAB space before it), save the file (updating it).

Enter New Costume Name At Bottom Of List

And Costume Is Made Available

Here is the category_work.ini file. Open it with notepad and you get the list mentioned earlier. Each new name is added below the last. This is how to make your downloaded costume available to The Movies Game. And if you want to add more, add the names of each new costume at the bottom of the list.
Add More Costumes And Keep Same File

If you made your own costume in Blender, then you would also need to add the name to the list.

After some time you may have so many costumes that you may need to add a new category. For instance, you could add a category called: Downloads. The file would be called category_downloads.ini. Or category_DL_SciFi.ini, and category_DL_Western.ini. Adding a DL for downloaded. You can have as many categories as you wish. You may even have categories just for your movie projects.

There are two kind of category files. One all important category directory file, which is simply called: category.ini

And the other kind is several individual costume categories: casual, formal, work, underwear, monster, Sci-Fi, western, premium.

Category Ini Files

All of the categories are found entered into the directory file simply called: category.ini

Category.ini file

So far we know that all of the Movies game costumes are entered into costume genre INI files. And we can add a new costume to the list of any of them. Either a costume we have downloaded or one we have made from scratch. These costume genre INI files are selectable because the names of each of them are entered into another list, and this is found in the file simply called category.ini.

Can we make our own costume genres? Or can we make our own list of costumes? Yes we can. And you would need to make a new genre INI file and have that file listed into the category.ini file.

First let's fire up MED and see these files using the file extractor. We'll go ahead and extract the category.ini file.

MED Starting Up

When the Action Wizard Pop Up Window shows up select Extract Files, bottom right.

Extract Files Wizard

Navigate the right side window by clicking on little arrows next to the names. Click the "DATA", then "COSTUME". The first file underneath the costume folder is called category.ini. Click on the little box just to the left of the name for it to be selected. At the bottom of this window is a blank bar where we can type the address of where we want the file to be extracted. There is a button at the right of this bar that will browse your folders, and it worked for me this time. However sometimes clicking that button will do nothing. If that happens then just type it into the bar.


Now close MED. Navigate to where you extracted the category.ini file. Open it with Notepad.

05 again, List Of Costume Genres.

I notice here that the premium category is not entered into the list. And yet it still shows up in the game. Which means two things. One, the game includes it anyways and two, the game is able to include content without the normal file structure. But just in case altering this file will exclude that genre I always add it at the bottom before adding my own.

Paranoid So Added Premium

Premium category is available once you have the Add-On Stunts&Effects. But I think some of those costumes were also downloadable from the prop shop before TMO closed. If that is the case then this is why the category may be available without it being listed. I add the entry just in case.

Go ahead and close the category.ini file without saving it. Let's say we went to and downloaded a costume. In this example I will use Beowulf's Jason costume. It will be a ZIP file which is a compression container. Extract the contents and get to a data folder.


Be sure to look into the data/costumes folder. Always check a downloaded costume there because they may have included a category genre file and it may be found there. If it is then don't use it. At least not for this tutorial. If you find one there delete it (The zip will still have it if you want it later). Since we are making our own genre category file from scratch we do not need one from a downloaded mod. Once everything checks, go to the data folder and right click on it. Select copy. Now navigate to where your movies is installed. Usually at c:\programfiles\lionheadstudiosltd\the movies.

And we will paste it there. There should already be a data folder there. The computer will assume we want to merge the two data folders and will ask you if this is so. Say yes. That's what we want to do.

Now the costume is installed but it is not available until the name of the costume is entered into a costume genre file. Let's make our own.

Open notepad. We will add one entry. The name of the costume we just installed. m_jason is the name of the costume.


When we enter costume names into notepad there is something very VERY important to always remember. Each name must have a TAB button space in front of the name. Click on the first line and hit the TAB key once. Then enter m_jason.

Enter Name With A TAB Space


Now this document must be saved as an ini file. Meaning the tag can't end with .TXT as notepad files normally end with. Go up to "FILE" and select "SAVE AS"...

Save As

Select All Files

Now navigate to where this file needs to be in the Movies game, probably at c:\programfiles\lionheadstudiosltd\the movies\data\costume folder. At the bottom is a tab button called "Save As Type". Click it and select "All Files (*.*)"

The title of the document needs to be a name you will need later. category_(Any name you want).ini, but for the sake of the tutorial we will name it category_downloads.ini. Again the file can not end with .txt, the tag must be .ini, if it ends with .ini.txt then you did it wrong. Must have only the tag .ini.

Now we need to make this new category_downloads.ini available to the costume wardrobe room. This is done by entering it's name into the file we extracted earlier, the simply called category.ini. Copy that file and paste it also in the above address, the data\costume folder.

Where It Should Be

Now open it with notepad. At the bottom of the list we will enter in the new genre reference. Between each entry is one blank line. And only the second part of each entry has a TAB space in front of it.

Entering The Name

Once that is done, and you did it right, save it over the old one. File, Save. Or hot key CTRL + S keys.

Now let's open the Movies Game and see how it turned out.

Jason Costume

You can have as many categories as you want. They must be entered into the category.ini file and they must have there own category_(custom name whatever).ini file with a list of costumes you have made or downloaded.

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