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The Movies Game Stunts & Effects

Hello and welcome to my webpage for The Movies Game Stunts & Effects. Not just a game but a 3D movie studio in which you film and export your 3D movie to your hard drive in .WMV format. You choose the 3D characters, the sets, the props and the scenes. Set the lighting. Add your own voice overs. Hear yourself through the 3D model. Add your own music background. Edit your movie. Making movies is easy and lots of fun with The Movies Game.

The Movies Game Stunts & Effects

There are other platforms for making 3D movies. None of them however are as fast and easy to learn as The Movies which provides everything for your scene. The character animations (to which there are thousands to choose from), is the smoothest you will find out there. The designers really did a bang up job with this game. In just 20 minutes you can export your first movie. With other platforms you have to spend a lot of time setting up everything. The Movies Game from Lionhead Studios LTD is the fastest way to make 3D Movies.

You could order it from for just a few dollars. Be sure to order the expansion pack (Stunts & Effects) which provides the all important free camera angle. You could possibly find them sold together. So just under 10 dollars compared to Iclone or 3DMax which cost loads of money.

FilePlanet has download links for The Movies Demo And the Starmaker Tool Kit. If you are curious about The Movies and would like to give it a try:

Download The Movies Game Demo
Download Starmaker Tool Kit

One of the greatest features is that we can add more stuff to The Movies making magic. Many modders have provided hundred of extras you could download and install into your game. They are ready to go.

For Sets, Props, Costumes, Mod Packs, Extra Scenes, Additional Facilities and more visit the Downloads Page.

If you like 3D Modeling we can add our own creations in Blender or Zbrush or Max or Lightwave. The export script is for Blender 3D so all models have to be finalized in Blender, to become a Movies Game model format. The 3D sets we make can be a Movies Game Set. 3D character models can become costumes for The Movies Game. Make your own cars.

It is also possible to add content from other games to The Movies. If you extract the game models from your favorite game, then load then into blender, they can be prepared and exported into The Movies game.

Visit the Tutorials Page to learn how to make and add your own mods to The Movies Game.

To get in touch with me you can do so at my DeviantArt account: