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Star INI files

Ini Files

With .INI files we can change the rules of the game, add our own costume categories, create new facilities, expand the size of the studio lot. Most, or all of them are hidden in the game's PAK files. PAK files are containers meant to compress files and data to make the game smaller on your hard drive. Use MED (The Movies Game Editor) to extract .INI files. Once they are extracted these files can be edited using NotePad, which is a little program that comes with Windows. Blender even has a nifty text editor if you needed one.

It is very important to remember that (.INI) files MUST appear in a certain way for them to work. (.INI) files list many calls and commands, as well as long list of items that need to appear in the game or in a scene. Often an entry will have a TAB space in front of it. And a BLANK line can mean the game stops looking for something. A blank line in the wrong section could cause items to disappear from the game. So when you edit an (.INI) file, take care not to mess them up.

Sometimes MED will damage an (.INI) file after it was saved to a workspace. I've never seen an error when using MED's file extractor. But if we make a costume and click 'Save To Workspace' button, then the (.INI) files in the costume folder may be damaged and could ruin some in game content. Better to edit those files manually.

Editing the Dog.ini file.

There are more dogs in the game available for scenes. But they do no show up because, and for some reason, lionhead never had them entered into the INI file to make them available. I believe the reason is they were meant to be unlocked in the online prop shop. Which is kinda of cheating on their part as they are already in the game. On the other hand maybe they were installed with the addon Stunts & Effects.

But they are not entered into the dog.ini file when I extracted it. So we must do this manually. Which is also a cheat but not exactly. The online prop shop is closed. And the content exist in the game already, it just needs availability.

First check if you have one installed in your game.

C:\program files\lionheadltd\the movies\data\props

Scroll down to alphabetically to D and if there is no dog.ini file then you will have to extract one.

To extract one we use MED (the Movies Game Editor)

In the Action Wizard select extract files.

Click the Ďshow only .pak filesí (making sure only original game content is shown)

Then at the bottom you click the navigate to where you want to extract this file to.

One of MEDís bugs is that this button wonít work if you click it. (sometimes)

If that is the case then just manually type in the location at the address bar along side the button.

You can also copy the location from the folder you wish to extract to and paste it there.

Once extract, or if you found one already in your data\props folder,

Open it with Notepad. An un-modded version will look like this:



There is no line space between the first p_dog_v00 and the very top.

Also there is a TAB space before every prop entry in the list.

And there is a line space between the last dog and the default entry.

As will be the case for every prop scene INI file.

The default means what dog will be auto selected for scenes when they load in game.

You can change it to one you prefer. I have over 20 dogs and selecting it way at the other end of the list is a longer then I wish so every dog mod I add I also enter it in the default to minimize this.

Props in Extractor

In file extractor I noticed that there are more dogs. But dog number 2 has no ini files. So entering itís name here will not make it available. We would have to make the prop available first before entering itís name in here. Aww, Itís a Dalmatian.


To make dog number 2 a prop, first go to Action Wizard and select dog number one.

Next change itís base mesh for p_dog_v02

Then above this is the names. Add a number 2 after Dog, and in unique identification, change _v00 to _v02.

Then click commit rename.

Now make a thumbnail for it. (Generate Thumbnail)

Then go up to action (above - left) and select from drop down menu Ďcommití

A window pops up telling you of the file which will generate in the game.

Confirm this by hitting the finish button.

Now the dog will be ready for movie scenes. And itís name can be entered into the dog ini file. If you donít enter itís name into this file, then it will not show up in scenes.

When you open the dog.ini file with Notepad, you should add the names of the dog props to the list.



Then save it over the old one. If you save a brand new file as a .ini file then make sure you enter the tag .ini at the end and also click the save as all files.

If you opened an ini file then just hitting save will keep it an ini file. At least on my OS.

Now all dogs will be available to your dog scenes. I will provide a dog unlocker here:

I guess I should include the mesh and textures and inis just in case someone doesnít have Stunts&Effects.

It looks as if the Black And White Dog, which is dog_v05, is also a Dalmatian. Which means there are two of them and also means that if you make number 2 available then you will have 2 black and white dogs. Oh-well. Guess thatís why number two was not available. Wonder why.

On the other hand I can not call it an unlocker if I donít include a dog that is there (even though it is a copy).

There is another dog.ini file that is not in the data\props folder. And it has this dog mesh which has no availability in it. _v00 through _v03. What does this file do? I entered four and five into it just to see. It might be a call of some sorts. There are scenes that are not dog scenes in themselves but have them included. Or maybe it was meant for a future or undeveloped purpose. Perhaps a stray on the studio lot.

I will also make the dogs Studio Lot place-able. Why not? A new reaction installed. Done.

I added the auto-animated dog to the dog.ini file and got a funny result. The dog shows up for selection and animates but every 7 or 8 frames, the dog will pop or snap. Strange.

Next I will do all horse objects to horse scenes. This one should be far more exciting. There are so many possibilities.

Auto-Animated Dogs, And All Dogs In All Scenes

Put all dogs in all scenes.

Also all dogs as auto-animated props. Studio Lot Placeable.



Faster Landscaping

Be able to lay a giant swath of grass, concrete or sand at one time.



Better Facilities

These ini files will make your studio run at peak performance. More employees for hire. Copy the data folder and paste it in your c:\programfiles\lionheadstudiosltd\the movies folder. You may already have a data folder there. So your computer may find it necessary to ask you if it is OK to merge the two data folders. Yes, this is what we want it to do. Say YES. Keep in mind, if you already have the studio building created on the studio lot, then it must be destroyed and rebuilt after you have installed these (.INI) files. This is because the save game remembers the state of the building one you first had it built, but will need to be re-created once new (.INI) files are installed.

Click To Download


Better Game

Better Game Ini Files. Better Mood. Stars are happy with low pay (make sure the pay is same for all), instant experience. Just put an actor on rehearse or a script writer on the script category and the script is written instantly and the actor rehearses instantly. No litter. Download.

They go into your c:\programfiles\lionheadstudiosltd\the movies\data folder. Copy the files from the zip and navigate to the folder listed and paste the files there.

Click To Download


Stop Time In The Movies Game

Tired of your actors aging? Hate seeing grey hairs? Do you watch the screen as the years fly by? Well, it doesn't have to. STOP AGING NOW! No, its not a miracle drug or a magic potion. No exercises or doctor visits. Its all a setting in an ini file. That's right the Global.ini file. Once you stop time, the years stop ticking away, but people still move about, grass still gets watered, movies still get filmed and exported. But you stop making money off them. And you can't go to anymore award ceremonies. What, you were going to win? Are you a mouse or a mad scientist?! What you could do is after each award ceremony, stop time, film 20 top notch movies, release them, then save the game, delete the global.ini file, then start the game back up with moving time, and your next visit to the award ceremony should be outstanding. Most prolific studio award! The repeat it.

Be careful, if you drop it, the entire universe could self destruct.

Download the Global.INI file.

Right Click the link and select "Save As", then place the saved file in your Movies Game "data" folder. Or you can do this manually. First extract the global.ini file from your game using MED (The Movies Editor). Open it with notepad and scroll down until you find the [time] setting.

	start = 1920,48
	end = 3000,48
	power = -0.5
	origin = 128
	foresight = 8.4
	hindsight = 0.75
	fastforward = 32
	autosave = 20

Change the start and end numbers. The last number on the end change to 48. Then save it over the old one. It goes in the data folder. Not next to the data folder but inside the data folder.



Unlocks everything in the game. This one includes ALL Stunts Effects Rewards.

Link Updated 6.6.14, right click on the link and select "save as".

click to download


You can do it yourself. Looking over the web I seen some questionable info about what to copy and paste. SOme people had a quatation mark and the beginning and another at the very end. While aother had an aposterfy at the end, while others didn't have any TAB spaces. So I deleted mine, started a new game and let the game make one for me. The very first line is highest_decade = 2000. Then followed by a blank line space. Then [prizes]. So make sure there is am empty line between the highest... and [prizes]. I will make a screen shot.

Screenshot Unlocking.INI file

Open Notepad and paste the following into it:

	highest_decade = 2000


After copy/paste the above into a blank notepad page, save it to the following location:

C:\Documents and Settings\(your user account name)\Application Data\Lionhead Studios\The Movies

Another OS try this location:

C:\Users\(Your user name)\AppData\Roaming\Lionhead Studios\The Movies

Title it:


Make sure that you add the dot ini tag (.INI) and also select the "save as all files". There should be a TAB space before the rankprize and stuntrankprize entires. There is no TAB space before the [prizes] and no blank line spaces between anything.