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Ripping 3D Models From PCSX2


Before you listen to a whole lot of people saying you can not, I will tell you that it is possible, indeed.

You must use ZeroGS KOSMOS 0.97.1 sse2 and place it in the plug-ins folder.


Then in configuration have it selected for the graphics.

So you can get 3D models from your favorite games. To extract the 3D graphics, use a program called 3Dripper DX

3D Ripper DX

First, after installing 3d ripper DX, and you run it for the first time. You set which of the F keys will capture the 3D model. f12 for instance. F12 starts an AVI recording in my pcsx2 which competes for the key's function. So you may want to change it. It will rip any graphics from any game that uses directX9. When purchasing a game, look to see if it uses directX9. If it does, it's graphics rippable. At least with this program. You may want to experiment with other games first. To see how its done.

There is one drawback. Pcsx2 seems to filter the process over a flat screen. So that all the models get ripped completely flat. Completely Flat! The models have no depth. So rip once facing the front side of the model. And then rip again facing the model on its side.

(vertice is also polygon)

Since 3DRipper exports .OBJ files, you can open one with notepad. In notepad you will see a list of each vertice's axis location. X Y and Z. XYZ are 3D coordinates. One of the axis list will all be zero, because it is flat. Or maybe all the same number if it is away from the center.

Now open the other one with notepad and you will see that a different axis has the same problem, but, the axis from the first one has proper (non-flat coordinates). The next step then is to copy the values from one and paste it to the other. Then in the first one, save it over the .OBJ file. Then load the .obj into a 3d program and voila. All 3 dimensions.

Now your model may have over a hundred polygon locations to copy and paste. Therefor use a CMD.exe to do the copy and pasting. First make copies of each flat model and rename the copies tag extension to .txt. Now being text files, enter the CMD command for copy within text (use something like a:*) which would be A axis and input> to the other text file and the same a* is replaced. Using this command would take a second. The longest part of that would be typing in the command. Which isn't long at all. I do not know the exact commands right off hand but have done this conversion before and used the commands. If you want the commands go to a command line forum and ask. Describe the axis reference from each model and ask how to copy from one to the other. Sorry, just forgot right off hand. I may make a batch file you can run to do such a conversion. I am surprised no one has written this batch file yet, seeing as everyone wishes to rip pcsx models.

You might try Excel as it divides in columns and simply copy one column to the next. I have used Excel maybe once or twice so don't quote me on that.

Once command has rewritten your second txt file, rename that one's file extension back to .OBJ and you have your model.

For those who say that this is a mistake in ripping models, they do not spend any time modeling. If they did, then they would know that it is fine and just needs some touch up. If they can not work with it, then they are not seasoned modelers.