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In my experience Playstation is better then the PC version. Though I like the visual effect better on PC.

It is possible to extract 3D models from Scarface, for your own personal use. I will make a tutorial on how to get them from the PC version.

I could not find a program to get into the P3D files which contain all kinds of data including the mesh. I know some have been made for other games. But Scarface support has been very slim. Yet, because Scarface runs on DirectX9, one can use 3DXRipper to get the 3D models.

Here is an image that resembles Tony's 1963 Cadillac Texture.

Tony's Car Texture

All the meat of the program is in the cement.rcf, the one we'd use the Scarface extractor for getting at the P3D files.

One could use the PC version as a source of meshes or 3D models for whatever you wish. Probably the best bet is to use 3DXRipper, which takes a snap shot fo all the graphics of a game and then exports an .OBJ file that can be imported into any 3D Modeling program such as Blender.


Game Tip

How to beat Chi Peso Stage with a cheat.

First enter in the cheat code DOZER for the bulldozer. Then Spawn it. Next place it in the front entrance So that no one can go in or out. Next talk to Chi Peso who will give you a lot shit, as he wants nothing to do with you. But just then car load after car load of thugs come to murder him. At this point Chi Peso will try to leave out the front door wielding a shotgun. But this is now no good for him since a bulldozer is blocking the front door. He will jog in place until it gets moved. Meanwhile the cars show up outside full of gang members looking to take Peso out.

Use the missile launcher to take out their cars and vans. And then shoot the gang members down. After this more will come from the beach side. Go over there and lay them out. Once those goons are gone, the stage will cease to move on to the next step because its waiting for Chi Peso to go back inside.

"But he's already inside!!?"

Well, yes and no. The game thinks he's outside for he should have been had we not blocked the door, (Which also keeps bad guys from coming in). So climb aboard the tractor and back it up. Let Chi Peso out and then drive the tractor right back in front of the door. Keep it blocked. Get out of the tractor and follow Chi Peso.

Chi Peso will go to the back to help kill the invaders from the beach side which have already been killed. Chi Peso goes up stairs and finds nothing so he goes back downstairs and goes back inside. Now you too go back inside form the alley entrance and keep him from dying. The gang members out the front door can't come in and are easy targets. It is now easier to keep Chi Peso alive.

Once the goons are dead, Chi Peso will start to suck up and sell you the property.

There have been a few steps taken into figuring out the data from the Scarface folder files. A Cement file and a couple sounds. I'm sure a whole heck of a lot of people want the soundtrack.

Read here

A program called rsd2ogg will convert the sound. I will provide a link to it. Put the program in the same folder as the rsd file, run it, and it will make an ogg file out of it. rsd is really an ogg file anyways. But useless with the rsd tag. You could also use a change tag renaming program to convert the file by just making the tag .ogg


You must extract the rsd files first from the sound1 and sound2. Using scarface explorer.

If you use anything from the game, it is for your own personal use alone.

A program was made called Scarface Explorer and you can go to the following to get it. What it does is explore the folders of the sound and cement files. It can extract files from the .Rcf format xentax Other source

Here is an example of what a game texture looks like. Many games use them to wrap around their 3d models:

Game Texture

"You wanna go to war? OK! I'll take ya to war!!!" -Tony Montana

Update: Scarface Mods released For The Movies Game. Finally got around to it. Here is a pack. Several 1963 Cadillac Cars. Tony Montana Costume. Tony's Office. And Tony Montana latex Head.




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